Juan Pablo Lozano

Ruben Garcia

Name: Ruben Garcia

Birth date: 05.01.1979

Birthplace: Madrid, Spain

Resides: Barcelona, Spain

How long you've been riding:  22 years

Stance: Goofy

Other Sponsors: Mosaic bearings, sk8mafia

Music: Def NO techno or reggae

Favorite Skate mag: Dogway, Trasher , Transworld 

Favorite trick: 360 flip!

Top 3 activities besides skating: Golf, Soccer, work, chill with Barcy.

Skateboarding influences: Josh Kalis, Rob Dyrdek, Sergio Bernabeu, Jaime Fontecilla

Top 3 Non-Skateboarding Influences: Cars, traveling, people

Inspirations: Barcy, achievements, Brett C, Lenny J…

Best place to ride: BCN and The DC Embassy

Thank you to: DC, Kalis, Dyrdek, Brett C., Juan G., Thierry K. and all DC EU HQ… All my homies that believe in me and fam.

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